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Saving a groove

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What swing is "correct" or "normal"?

There is no "correct" value for swing. The level of swing varies widely and generally left to the performer to determine.
The classic triplet swing feel shows up at 33% on the swing meter. For a tighter swing feel (dotted 8th followed by 16th) move the meter to 50%, full swing. Swing is a matter of personal taste so please feel free to practice your grooves with different amounts of swing until you find the feel that you are looking for.
Wikipedia has a good article on the types of swing. (Scroll down to the "Types" header)

Groove Scribe    
20% 3:2 ratio     light
33% Triplet quarter + triplet eighth       2:1 ratio medium
50% Dotted eighth + sixteenth 3:1 ratio heavy

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