Stradella bass system & piano accordion chord charts would be a useful tool for all accordionists who want to expand their repertoire and I believe that the ability to produce harmonies and sounds typical of certain musical genres is an excellent source of inspiration to improve music skills and grapple with new challenges.

For this reason, I have created new charts specifically designed to facilitate learning the positions and combinations on the Stradella system accordion of the most used chords in many musical genres, from jazz to pop music.

I selected just the most useful accordion chords and displayed them in the easiest way for the left and right hand.


Accordion chord chart example

Accordion bass charts are in “mirror view” and keyboard charts are in a vertical perspective to imitate an accordionist point of view.

Just select the root and find the chord you are searching for or click on the category list on the right sidebar.


Chords on Stradella bass system accordion

Dm7 chord Usually, a 120 bass accordion has 2 rows of single notes (bass and counter-bass) and 4 rows of chords (major, minor, seventh and diminished). It might seem that with these types of chords the accordion can only play traditional or classical music but recently the left-hand technique has evolved allowing you to fully exploit the potential of this instrument.

In a Stradella bass system accordion, it is possible to form complex chords by combining two or three chords, thus giving the accordionist the opportunity to explore many musical genres beyond those mentioned.


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