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Ginger’s Waltz

    A simple composition for 1 or 2 accordions

    “Ginger’s Waltz” is a charming accordion piece that can be played by one or two musicians. I wrote this piece many years ago trying to emulate the style of Yann Tiersen, I don’t know if I succeeded but it was a fun experiment!

    Ginger's Waltz sheet music
    The sheet music for “Ginger’s Waltz” is available for free download and includes both notes and chords symbols to help you follow along.

    FREE DOWNLOAD Ginger’s Waltz – Sheet music.pdf


    The main melody is harmonized in 3rd and the other accordion plays a sort of arpeggios. You could alternate the two parts if you are alone or arrange them as you prefer.


    The main theme is typically played on the “Violin” or “Musette” register, while the second accordion uses a single voice such as the “Clarinet” register. However, feel free to experiment with different registers to find the sound that you like best.

    Bass accompaniment

    The bass accompaniment for this piece is slightly more complex than a basic accompaniment, but it is worth learning if you are looking to expand your skills. I simplified the bass notation by adding all notes and chords symbols.


    Let me know if you like it! Leave a comment below!




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