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Ginger’s Waltz

A simple composition for 1 or 2 accordions

I wrote this piece many years ago trying to emulate the style of Yann Tiersen, I don’t know if I succeeded but it was a fun experiment!


Ginger's Waltz sheet music

FREE DOWNLOAD Ginger’s Waltz – Sheet music.pdf


The main melody is harmonized in 3rd and the other accordion plays a sort of arpeggios. You could alternate the two parts if you are alone or arrange them as you prefer.


The main theme is played by the I accordion with a “Violin” or “musette” register, while the II accordion plays with a single voice like the “Clarinet” register. Feel free to use any other register you like.

Bass accompaniment

Pay attention to the bass line, it’s just a little more complex than a basic accompaniment but it’s worth learning if it’s something new for you. I simplified the bass notation by adding all notes and chords symbols.


Let me know if you like it! Leave a comment below!



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