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Accordion Chords in F

    In this page you can find the diagrams for all chords in the key of F. You’ll find a piano accordion chord chart, alternative nomenclature, notes, intervals, standard music notation, and left hand fingering for each chord.




    1. If I to combine in Bass: F and E7 What chord would be?
      And if I was doing F diminished at Keyboard with this combination bass?


    2. Hi Kyton,
      EMaj/F is an Fdim(Maj7) since F, Ab, B is Fdim and E is the major 7th of F.
      Adding Fdim on the keyboard to this combination doesn’t change anything because Fdim is contained in Fdim(Maj7), there’s just an extra E.

      E7/F is an Fm(Maj13) without 5th since F, Ab, E, D are the Fundamental, minor 3rd, no 5th, Major 7th and 13th.
      Playing an Fdim on the keyboard adds a B, so you have an Fdim(maj13).

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