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Stradella Xtensions: Harmonic Technique for the Accordion

    With the intention of offering an alternative point of view, I would like to invite you to read this ebook, Stradella Xtensions by Evan Perry-Giblin, former owner of Brooklyn Bellows.

    Stradella Xtensions


    It is a resource that both beginner and advanced players can benefit from. You can either use it as an eBook or print it out.
    The diagrams in the book also offer an alternative perspective to instead of being mirrored and vertical, they are “flat” and horizontal, similar to the Palmer-Hughes series.

    Stradella Xtension button board charts layout
    Stradella Xtension button board charts layout

    For beginners, the eBook offers concise information as it relates to the accordion. The first three chapters are:

    • Music Theory
    • Exercises
    • Walkthroughs

    Again these all deal specifically with the Stradella system accordion and what you need to know to fully understand what is going on in the left hand. It starts small and builds up each chapter.

    For more advanced players there are many diagrams of chord-types as they are played in the Fundamental and Counter bass positions. These include Maj6, min6, Maj7, min7, 9, min9 augmented, half-dim, dim7, flat-9, etc.

    Stradella Xtension sample

    Perhaps the most important section is the last which is called “Contexts”.
    This is where you learn the utility of playing chord extensions, and solidify your playing technique.

    Even by learning the basic “ii -V -I” progression, you open yourself up to playing a huge selection of jazz standards, show tunes, pop, rock, funk, folk… really anything you can imagine!

    (It’s a donationware eBook, so I invite you to consider the idea of leaving even just a little donation to its author as a sign of appreciation for his work.)

    Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

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