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Giovanni Lucifero 1Hi! My name is Giovanni Lucifero, I’m a musician from Italy and I’m the creator of

I have been playing the accordion for more than thirty years, I started playing when I was 9 and the accordion has been in my life ever since.

Giovanni Lucifero old timeI started performing professionally at 17 and continued playing in traditional orchestras until the age of 25.

I was tired of playing only Italian traditional music so I decided to expand my repertoire taking lessons from two of the best international accordion players we have in Italy: Simone Zanchini and later, Nadio Marenco.

From 2002 to 2008 I played with the pop-rock band Terramare producing the album “Canti rubati” (2004 – V2 Records / Sony Music). Later I worked as a session player in many studio recordings and as an accordion teacher at the municipal school of Reggio Emilia for several years.

I have some old videos and recordings on my YouTube channel, here’s a playlist: