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Diminished / min6 Chords

Diminished chords (dim triads) consist of a root, a minor 3rd, and a diminished 5th note of the major scale built on the root.

Standard Stradella bass system allows you to play dim7th(omit5th) chords by pushing just one button on the 6th column. A dim7th chord consists of a root, a minor 3rd, a diminished 5th, and a diminished 7th but on almost all accordions, the diminished chord buttons don’t play the 5th so we have just: Root, minor 3rd, and diminished 7th.

On the Stradella bass system, diminished 7th chords are also minor 6th chords

A minor 6th chord consists of: Root, minor 3rd, 5th, 6th. As I said, on standard bass accordions, the diminished chords play the Root, the minor 3rd, and the diminished 7th with no 5th. A diminished 7th interval is also a Major 6th interval so we have Root, minor 3rd, 6th which is a minor 6th(omit5th) chord. To play a complete minor 6th chord you should play the root + the minor chord + the diminished chord but is very uncomfortable and adding a chord just to get a 5th (which it doesn’t add any tension) is not practical. So, to play a minor 6th chord, push just the root + the diminished chord button.

Diminished chords on Accordion in all keys: