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Accordion chords in C

Accordion chords charts, intervals, standard music notation and fingering for left & right hand.


3 thoughts on “Accordion chords in C”

  1. Hi G,
    I don’t have augmented chords in my charts, let me explain why:
    a C augmented contains the root (C), the major third (E) and an augmented fifth (#G).
    On the left side of the accordion, you can’t play this exact chord, you could combine a C (fundamental bass) with an E major (chord) to obtain a Cmaj7#5 which has C, E, #G like the chord you mentioned but it has also a B because E major is E, #G, B.

    For this reason, I didn’t include augmented chords in the accordion chords list. I also excluded Maj7#5 chords because they are not very common and frankly they don’t sound great on accordion basses.

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