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Accordion Chords in C

    In this page you can find the diagrams for all chords in the key of C. You’ll find a piano accordion chord chart, alternative nomenclature, notes, intervals, standard music notation, and left hand fingering for each chord.




    1. Hi G,
      I don’t have augmented chords in my charts, let me explain why:
      a C augmented contains the root (C), the major third (E) and an augmented fifth (#G).
      On the left side of the accordion, you can’t play this exact chord, you could combine a C (fundamental bass) with an E major (chord) to obtain a Cmaj7#5 which has C, E, #G like the chord you mentioned but it has also a B because E major is E, #G, B.

      For this reason, I didn’t include augmented chords in the accordion chords list. I also excluded Maj7#5 chords because they are not very common and frankly they don’t sound great on accordion basses.

      1. Thanks for the explanation! And for all the info on this site in general!

        So, what would you play as accompaniment / chord when the melody plays an almost wholetone melody line and the lead sheet suggest “C aug”:
        Melody (Chord in leadsheet)
        c, d, e, f (Cmaj7)
        f#, g#, a#, c’ (Caug)
        d’, c’, b, c’ (Dm7)
        f’, e’, d’, e’ (Ddim7)
        c’ (Cmaj7)

        1. Hi Ralf,
          it’s hard to tell what’s the best option without seeing the score but you could just play the bass note (C) with your left hand and harmonize the melody line with your right hand.

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