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Accordion Chords in D

    In this page you can find the diagrams for all chords in the key of D. You’ll find a piano accordion chord chart, alternative nomenclature, notes, intervals, standard music notation, and left hand fingering for each chord.




      1. Hi Gordon,
        there’s no way to play a 6/9 chord with the left hand.
        Playing D bass + B Maj chord you get a D6/♭9 but it’s quite different.
        You should choose between playing a D6 or a D9.
        So if you want to play F#/D6 you have to play: F# bass + Bmin chord = F#/D6 (with no 5th. You should add also a DMaj to get a complete chord)
        Or, if you want to play F#/D9 you have to play: F# counter bass + DMaj chord + Amin chord = F#/D9

      1. Dm6 = D, F, A, B
        You can play min6th chord (with no 5th) playing diminished 7th chords (Ddim = D, F, B) or you can get the complete chord playing: D bass + D min chord + Ddim chord

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