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How to play a G6 chord on Accordion

    AKA: G6, G6th, G add6, GM6, G Maj6, G Major sixth, G major6, G sixth

    G Major 6th Accordion Chord Chart

    The combined chord shown in this image is a major 6th chord without the 5th. To play a full sixth chord, you should also add the major chord of the root.

    Major 6th chord

    A major 6th chord is a four-note chord that contains the Root, the 3rd, the 5th, and the 6th of the major scale. In terms of intervals, a major sixth chord contains a major 3rd, perfect 5th, and major 6th. In other words, it’s a major triad with an added 6th.

    The formula for major chords is R, 3°, 5°, 6°. For example, in C6 we have the notes C, E, G, A.

    On a standard bass accordion, you can play major 6th chords by combining the Root with the minor chord of its 6th interval. For example, if C is the Root, adding an A minor you get a C6(5th omitted). You should add the major chord of the Root to get a full 6th chord but the 5th doesn’t add any tension so it can be omitted.

    Major 6th chords are very common in pop, rock, and jazz music.



    G, B, D, E


    R, 3°, 5°, 6°

    Left hand:

    G + Em


    4 + 2 or 5 + 2



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