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How to play an E7 chord on Accordion

    AKA: E7, E Dom, E dom7, E Dominant 7th, E Dominant seventh

    The 7th chord buttons on Stradella bass system play just the root, the 3rd, and the 7th. The 5th is omitted. In order to play a full dominant seventh chord, instead of using the 7th chord button, you should play the diminished chord right above the root row as shown below.
    The diminished chord plays the root, the minor 3rd and the diminished 7th but in this case, they act as a 5th, 7th and major 3rd which added to the fundamental, form a complete dominant 7th chord.
    For example:
    G7 = G, B, D, F (R, 3rd, 5th, m7th)
    Root + 7th chord: G + G7 = G + G, B, F (R, 3rd, m7th)
    Root + Dim chord: G + D dim = G + D, F, B (R, 5th, m7th, 3rd)

    E7 Accordion chord chart



    E, G#, B, D

    E7 button plays:
    E, G#, D (no B)


    R, 3°, 5°, m7°

    7th chord buttons play:
    R, 3°, m7° (no 5°)

    Left hand:

    Root + 7th chord: E7(omit5)
    E + E7

    Root + Dim chord: E7
    E + Bdim
    (F♭ + C♭dim)


    4 + 2



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