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How to play a C9/11 chord on Accordion

AKA: C7/9/11, C9(11), C9/11, C Dominant 11th, C Dominant 7th/9th/11th, C Dominant eleventh, C Dominant ninth eleventh, C Dominant seventh ninth eleventh

C9-11 Accordion chord chart

C9/11 Accordion chord notation


C, E, G, B♭, D, F


R, 3°, 5°, m7°, 9°, 11°

Left hand:

C + B♭M


C + CM + B♭M


2 + 4


3 + 2 + 4



2 thoughts on “How to play a C9/11 chord on Accordion”

  1. Your diagram shows six fingers on the right hand. Of course, when played with a C in the bass, you won’t need the c in the treble. Perhaps a discussion of chords in root position and then in inversions might also be a helpful addition to be read before getting into the individual chords.

    1. Sure! You’re right, especially in this case, it would be helpful adding some extra info. I’ve added 6 notes on the keyboard to show intervals but it may result confusing. Thank you for your suggestion!

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