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How to play a Cdim chord on Accordion

    On the Stradella bass system, diminished 7th chords are also minor 6th chords

    AKA: C diminished seventh, C°, Cdim, Cdim7, Cdim7th, Cdim/6, Cdim(add6)

    Green bass pattern: Cdim7(omit5) = Cm6(omit5)

    Blue counter bass pattern: Cdim7

    Cdim Accordion chord chart

    C dim notation


    C, E♭, G♭, B♭♭
    (C, E♭, G♭, A)

    Cdim button plays:
    C, E♭, B♭♭ (no G♭)


    R, m3°, dim5°, dim7°

    Dim buttons play:
    R, m3°, dim7° (no dim5°)

    Left hand:

    Green bass pattern:
    Cdim7(omit5), same as Cm6(omit5)

    C + Cdim

    Blue counter bass pattern: Cdim7

    C + G♭dim
    (B# + F#dim)


    4 + 2



    6 thoughts on “How to play a Cdim chord on Accordion”

      1. Hi Kyton,
        let’s see:

        Fdim on the accordion is actually a Fdim7 without the 5th.
        Diminished 7th chords structure is Root, minor 3rd, diminished 5th, and diminished 7th but on the accordion the 5th is omitted so we play just F(Root), Ab(minor 3rd), and D(diminished 7th, which is also the 6th).

        Combining F, Ab, D (chord) + C (bass) you get a quite unusual C chord or some common chord inversions, in fact, you can see Fdim7 + C as:

        – a Csus4b6(add9) aka Csus2/4(#5) because there’s the Root C, no 3rd (sus), the 4th F, the flat 6th (sharp 5th) Ab (G#) and the 9th (2nd) D

        – an Fm6/C because Fdim7(5omit) is also an Fm6(5omit) which contains F, Ab, D and adding a C we complete the chord because C is the 5th of F.

        – a Dm7b5/C because Dm7b5 contains D (root), F (minor 3rd), Ab (flat 5th), C (minor 7th)

        Obviously, I suggest ignoring the C chord because it’s not a practical way to intend that chord.
        So, reassuming Fdim7 + C = Fm6/C or Dm7b5/C

        Thank you for your appreciation! 🙂

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