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How to play an EbMaj7/9 chord on Accordion

    AKA: Ebj7/9, EbM7/9, EbM9, EbMa7/9, EbMaj7/9, Ebmaj9, Eb major7/9, EbΔ7/9, EbΔ9


    EbMaj7/9 Accordion Chord Chart


    Ebmaj7/9 Accordion chord chart

    Maj7/9 Chords

    A Maj7/9 chord is a type of major chord (root, major 3rd, perfect 5th) that includes both the major 7th and the major 9th intervals. To play a Maj7/9 chord, you will typically use the root, major 3rd, perfect 5th, major 7th, and major 9th notes of the major scale.

    It can be built by stacking major 3rd and minor 3rd intervals on top of each other. For example, starting with C as the root, you would stack a major 3rd (C, E), followed by a minor 3rd (E, G), a major 3rd interval (G, B), and a minor 3rd interval (B, D), giving you the notes C, E, G, B, D, which form a CMaj7/9 chord.

    Maj7/9 Chords on Accordion

    To play a Maj7/9 chord on a Stradella bass system accordion, you can combine the root note and its major chord with the major chord built on the 5th interval.

    For example, by combining C Major and G Major, you will create a CMaj7/9 chord (C, E, G, B, D) because C Maj serve as the root, 3rd, and 5th, while G Major (G, B, D) adds the major 7th (B) and the 9th (D).

    Some accordionists may choose to simplify this chord by playing only the root and the Major chord of its 5th degree, resulting in a slightly different sound without changing the fundamental character of the chord.



    E♭, G, B♭, D, F


    R, 3°, 5°, 7°, 9°

    Left hand:

    E♭ + E♭ + B♭M
    (D# + D#M + A#M)


    4 + 3 + 2



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