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How to play a Gb Major chord on Accordion

    AKA: GbM, Gb magg, GbMaj, Gbmaj, Gb Major


    GbMaj Accordion Chord Chart


    Gb Major Accordion chord chart

    Major Chords

    A major chord is a triad built from the Root, 3rd, and 5th notes of the major scale. It’s built by combining a 3rd major interval with a 3rd minor interval, for example in C Major we have a major 3rd interval which is C-E and a minor 3rd interval, which is E-G. A major chord has a bright, cheerful sound that is often used as the tonic chord in a piece of music.

    Major chords are an essential part of music theory, and they are used in a wide range of musical styles. They are the basis for many different chord progressions, and they are often used as the foundation for more complex chords and voicings.

    The formula for major chords is R, 3°, 5°

    Major Chords on Accordion

    On a standard bass accordion, major chords are located on the 3rd column next to the root bass buttons (or on the second column if the accordion does not have a counter-bass column).

    Gb Major


    G♭, B♭, D♭


    R, 3°, 5°

    Left hand:

    G♭ + G♭M
    (F# + F#M)


    4 + 3




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