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How to play a D# minor chord on Accordion

    AKA: D#–, D#m, D#min, D# minor

    D# minor Accordion chord chart

    Minor chords

    Minor chords are built by taking the Root, the 3rd, and the 5th notes of the major scale and then lowering the 3rd by one half-step. They are made by combining a minor 3rd interval with a major 3rd interval.

    The chord’s minor third is its distinguishing characteristic and it sounds sad and serious compared to the major chord.

    The formula for a minor chord is R, m3°, 5°

    On a standard bass accordion, minor chords are between major and dominant 7th chords, on the 4th column (or on the 3rd column if your accordion doesn’t have the counter-bass column).

    D# minor


    D#, F#, A#


    R, m3°, 5°

    Left hand:

    D# + D#m (E♭ + E♭m)


    4 + 2



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