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How to play a Bbm7b5 chord on Accordion

AKA: Bb∅, Bb1/2dim, Bb1/2dim7, Bb7°5, Bb7b5, Bb Half-diminished, Bbm7(-5), Bbm7°5, Bbm7b5, Bbmin7dim5, Bb minor seventh flat fifth, Bb minor seventh flat five, Bbø, Bbº7

Bbm7b5 Accordion chord chart

You can choose to play the bass (circled in green) or the counter bass (circled in blue). I prefer playing the bass but both positions are quite comfortable.



B♭, D♭, F♭, A♭
(B♭, D♭, E, A♭)


R, m3°, m5°, m7°

Left hand:

B♭ + D♭m (A# + C#m)


2 + 4 or 3 + 5

or 4 + 2 on counter-bass



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